Kinetic pilots embody the same standards of innovation, quality, and performance that drive our frame designs. Some of the fastest racers, and most intense freestyle artists occupy our roster. If you’re looking for some Kinetic advice, or just want your hair blown back by some incredible flying, don’t hesitate to check them out!

Scottie “KillerBeeManFPV” Beeman

Scottie is one of the fastest racing pilots in the country, and is constantly trying to balance traveling for work with traveling for MultiGP events. But somehow he is able to stay on top of it all while still being one of the most genuine, stand-up guys in the hobby. And just because he’ll smoke you on a race track doesn’t mean you’re safe from his freestyle. Scottie is known for his confident style, pushing the limits of full-tilt, high-speed acrobatics, leaving onlookers awed and fellow racers in the dust!

Matt “MattBaelFPV” Belvin